Ennistymon Vocational School

Ennistymon Vocational School is a co educational multi–denominational secondary school under the control of Co Clare Vocational Committee. Ennis. Co. Clare.

“Ennistymon V.S. firstly recognises the individuality of each student and through the comprehensive nature of its curriculum, combined with the professional competence, initiative and caring of its staff seeks to maximise each individuals academic, practical, and social talents, in a safe and supportive environment, to prepare them to cope with life after school, where they may better contribute to family, community and society in a positive manner.”

“Ennistymon Vocational School is committed to providing an atmosphere of tolerance and openness which respects the dignity of every member of the school community and in which each one can feel valued. Every member of the school community has the right to happiness and no one has the right to take that away from them.”

Ennistymon Vocational School is located just off the centre of Ennistymon in a building that was first opened in 1957. Currently there are about ninety students enrolled and this allows great attention to individual needs. The school utilises the excellent facilities of the Ennistymon Community Centre and Lahinch Sports Field for physical education and indoor / outdoor sports activities. All classes are time-tabled for physical education and games. The school is located directly beside the excellent Ennistymon Public Library and students are encouraged to become members and users of this facility.

This school has exceptional facilities for the delivery of practical subjects:

  • Woodwork
  • Home Economics
  • Metalwork
  • Science
  • Building Construction
  • Art
  • Engineering

The building is in excellent condition and well maintained. The school welcomes enquiries and visits from parents interested in enrolling students and parents of current students at any time by appointment. There is an emphasis on working closely with parents outside of the scheduled Parent Teacher Meetings.


The school offers the following courses:

Junior Certificate

  • Irish
  • English
  • Home Economics
  • French
  • Metalwork
  • History
  • Woodwork
  • Mathematics
  • Technical Graphics
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Business Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Art
  • Resource Teaching

Senior Certificate

Transition Year

The school has been a six year cycle school since 1980 and prides itself in the excellence of its Transition Year Programme. The Transition Year Programme is founded in preparing students in a sound academic approach to the Leaving Certificate and the core academic areas are strongly emphasised during the course of the Transition Year. The year also offers extensive opportunities for students to develop their personal and social dimensions as well as sporting and cultural.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) is the regular Leaving Certificate with the addition of the Link Modules.

The Link Modules are:

Preparation for the World of Work, Enterprise Education.

The Link Modules aim to connect the students academic subjects with a vocational dimension and a focus on the world of work and career planning.

The Leaving Certificate subjects offered:

  • Irish
  • English
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Building Construction
  • Technical Drawing
  • Art
  • LCVP-Link Modules
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Resource Teaching
  • Chemistry (at CBS)
  • Agricultural Sc. (at CBS)

Post Leaving Certificate Courses

The school offers two Post Leaving Certificate Courses at FETAC LEVEL 11

  • Art
  • Sport & Recreation


Our Art course has been running very successfully for the past eight years and students commonly use it as an opportunity to prepare portfolio for entry to third level.

The course has also attracted a large number of adult learners and this mix has proven excellent. The course is set against the backdrop of a very vibrant artistic community in North Clare which represents many facets of the profession. The course draws on this as well as the unique natural environment of the area.

Vocational Modules (5)

Mandatory: Electives from :

Drawing Combined materials (Mixed Media)

Painting Appreciation of Art (Art History)

Sculpture Ceramics

Photography, Printmaking

Work Experience

General Studies Modules

Communications and one other general studies module:

Work experience

Course co-ordinator: Ms. Siobhan McCooey

2. Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation course is the premier course on offer in the region and has been run successfully for ten years. At this many of the graduates of the course are now in senior positions in the industry in the mid-west region and further a field.

Vocational Modules (5)


Sport and Recreation studies

Electives from: Leisure facilities administration

Badminton coaching Leisure facility operations

Basketball coaching Soccer coaching

Exercise and fitness Volleyball coaching

Gaelic football coaching Lifeguarding.

Health related fitness

Hurling coaching

General Studies Modules:

Communications and one other general studies module

Work experience. All courses qualify for Post Leaving Certificate Grant Aid for suitable candidates.

•  Ennistymon Vocational School is the only 2 nd Level School in North Clare offering Engineering and Metalwork at Junior Cycle.

•  The school offers a co-educational environment with access to all subjects for both boys and girls.

•  The school places a major focus on recognising the needs of each individual student and because of its very favourable size offers the attention and familiarity than one would expect of a small school.

•  The school provides Career Guidance and Counselling as well as Remedial and Resource Learning Support for students where necessary.

•  The school fosters a keen awareness of environmental issues.

•  The school promotes European links and has association with schools in Wales and France and is currently embarking on a Comenius project involving schools in Portugal, Belgium and Poland.

Further enquiries can be made by contacting

Enda Byrt, Principal,Vocational School, Ennistymon, Co. Clare.

Mary Joyce, Deputy Principal

Tel No: 065 7071375 Fax: 065 7071813


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