Kilkee Community College

St. Joseph's Community College is a co-educational second level school within the County Clare V.E.C. system. It came into being on January 1 st 1990 as a result of the amalgamation of Kilkee Vocational School and St. Joseph's Mercy Secondary School.

The motto of the College is “ School & Community – a Partnership for Progress”

Its central aim / purpose is to assist and co-operate with parents in preparing young people for both life and work.

As a school we work for academic and vocational excellence but we see the development of the whole person as an integral part of the maturation process.

Parents are facilitated in every reasonable way when they wish to communicate with the principal or a member of the staff. Parents- teacher meetings are organised annually for each year group.

Since its inception the development of the school has been ongoing . Initially, a Computer Room was established courtesy of a community fundraising enterprise and its facilities are being continually upgraded. All students undergo a broad programme of Computer Studies in First, Second and Forth Years and use e-mail, and Snail Mail.

The extension and refurbishment of the college has been undertaken in 3 phases. The First Phase which brought the school community together on one site was ready for occupation in 1993 and consisted of:

  • Four new classrooms
  • Staff-room
  • Assembly Hall & Toilet Block
  • Demonstration Room
  • Science Room
  • Graphics Room and Home Economics Room
  • Outdoor Hardcore Basketball Court

The Second Phase was ready for occupation in September 1997.

The evacuation of prefabs was complete with the provision of seven new classrooms and a Lecture Hall which doubles as two of the new class rooms.

A large classroom in the original building has been refurbished to accommodate a well-appointed Art Room. This coincides with the appointment to the college of a full time Art Teacher, there is also extra office and sanitary provision and a spacious Staff room with kitchenette.

In the final phase, the former Staff room, at present in use as a classroom, has become a Library. The third and final phase, refurbished the school front with a hipped roof and new windows. A new state of the art Computer Laboratory has been installed.

The teaching staff of 26 includes 23 full-time teachers, 1 job-sharing and 2 part-time.

Certificate subjects, leading to final selections for Leaving Certificate. At junior level we offer to students:

  • Irish
  • English
  • Maths
  • History
  • Geography
  • French
  • Home Economics
  • Metalwork
  • Technical Graphics
  • Materials Technology (Wood Work)
  • Business Studies
  • Art Religious Studies
  • Science
  • P. E
  • Computer studies
  • C.S.P.E.
  • S.P.H. E.

At Senior level the option s offered at Higher or Ordinary levels are:

  • Irish
  • English
  • Maths
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Technical Drawing
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Agricultural Science
  • Engineering
  • Construction studies
  • Accounting
  • Home Economics
  • French.

The school also has a Careers and Counselling service and a full time Chaplain.

Our Senior Students are also very involved in Enterprise due to their participation in the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme. This programme balances the virtues of the traditionally academic leaving Certificate with the development of skills and qualities which will prove relevant to the lives of students, on leaving school for further education in the world of work or the business of making a living.

Courtesy of the V.E.C. we have our own 16 seater school minibus which greatly facilitates educational and cultural, games and athletic outing s. Co Clare V.E.C.'s O utdooor Education Centre at Turlough provides an introduction to canoeing, orienteering, rock climbing and abseiling, caving as well as field studies and hill walking for many of our students. Each outing facilitates 30 – 60 students. This outing is always one of the highlights of the school year.

Our education extends from the academic and cultural to the practical, technological, artistic, to leisure-time homemaking, rearing animal, vegetable and flower gardening. Each year students participate in the various garden competitions, sponsored by Clare VEC.

An extensive programme of sports and athletics is pursued in the College. Girls and Boys participate in Athletics, Basketball, Football and hurling at all levels.

Our students compete successfully for places in the various third level institutions:

the institutes of technology, the colleges of Education, Nursing, Catering and Business the Universities in all faculties, the College of Woodcraft & Design, and in SRS, Shannon. Some students pursue courses in Britain.

All reasonable efforts are made to match the curriculum to the abilities, aptitudes and interests of each student. Dicipline, which involves the wearing of a college uniform, is aimed at assisting the young people to develop appropriate adult behaviours and attitudes.

The College seeks to promote a relaxed friendly atmosphere based upon respect for oneself, others, the school facilities and the wider environment. It is recognised that a high standard of behaviour requires a strong sense of community within the college and a high level of co-operation among staff and between staff, students and parents.

Contact Details:

Principal: Syl Barrett

Tel. No: (065) 9056446

Fax No: (065) 9056242

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